Speak UP!

This practice helps encourage students to participate in class discussions by creating a tracking system to make sure everyone engages.

Class discussions are an engaging way to reach all kinds of students in the classroom and helps students feel that they belong and can succeed in the classroom

Strategy summary: 

Organize a classroom discussion where ALL students participate by creating sticks with students' names on them and a system to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

How to:

Before Class

Get wooden sticks (tongue depressors) and write the name of each student on one stick

During Class:

1)  Have a class discussion about why it is important to share ideas and questions during class.

2) Explain to students what the expectation for participation is in class (they should talk once per class, once every week, etc...)

3) Explain that the stick will decide who the teacher will call on for verbal participation

4) When you are having a class discussion, use the sticks to decide who will speak. Sticks that have been pulled can be set in pile and used to track speakers.  This can be modified in a number of ways. Students can keep track of talking sticks, if you wish. Students that are especially quiet can be given notice ahead of time that it will be their time to talk, and so on.

5)  After using talking sticks for awhile, check in with students to talk about their growth as a participant in class.  Allow students to set goals for their future discussions.

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