Ten Formative Assessment Strategies from YouCubed and David Wees

Ten formative assessment strategies from Jo Boaler's youcubed.org and David Wees.

Ten formative assessment strategies from Jo Boaler's YouCubed and David Wees. 

Formative assessments are assessments that inform learning for both students and teachers. They help teachers and students understand where students are in terms of their learning, where they should be, and how to close the gap between the two. Importantly, formative assessments are low stakes, that is, they should have low or no point value. The goal is to get a sense of how much students understand. 

Formative assessments help students develop a growth mindset because they focus attention on the learning process, rather than on just the final product. They help shift students thinking from, "What grade did I get?" to "How much do I know and how can I learn more?"

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