The Participation Quiz

Group work. Each group receives a grade for its work as a group on a particular topic.

  1. Put students into groups
  2. Give students a clear idea of what they should be working on – what problem or concept or task they are going to work on
  3. Give students a clear idea of how you want them to work in groups. Discuss criteria for good participation, such as:
    • Equal participation in the group
    • Students should think out loud, share ideas, and give each other feedback
    • Everyone in the group must be able to explain the concept, idea, or answer
  4. Students then work in groups
  5. Teacher walks around and briefly notes positive or negative interactions. Some teachers write these on a private piece of paper, others record them on a board for all students to see.

Note: Take time to make the instructions clear, and make sure students know exactly what sort of behavior you expect in each group. Make sure to hold students accountable for working well together - make sure they participate equally, and each student can explain the concept, idea, or answer.

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