Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

A class lesson devoted to growth mindset to help students understand that intelligence can be developed, the brain is malleable, and that challenging work can make the brain smarter and stronger.

1) Provide context for the activity

"I want to share something new I learned that I think will help the way we all learn in this class. After I share what I learned, let’s think of different ways we can use this information to learn." 

2) Introduce main message of the activity: Intelligence can change 

"I’ve been learning about the brain, and I was excited to learn that the brain can change a lot. In fact, people can actually become a lot smarter by changing their brains. I want to share with you how people can develop a stronger, smarter brain. Let’s watch a video of how this happens."

3) Watch video on neuroplasticity

a) Video 1 OR

b) Video 2

4) Summarize the main message

"I think it’s really amazing how the brain can change and get smarter when you learn new things."

5) Share a personal story. Tell a story about a time you had to work hard to get better at something and relate it to the video.

6) Lead a discussion about how students can grow their brains

7) Ask students to tell you about a time that they made their brains smarter. Lead a discussion about how working hard, taking on challenges, and finding the right strategy can make people smarter. 

8) At the end, ask students what they can do in your class to make their brains smarter.

Additional Resources: Full Growth Mindset Lesson Plan - Developed by PERTS and Khan Academy
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