Relevance Reflection

Help students see the relevance of their coursework by asking them to reflect on what they are doing in class and how it connects to their lives.

By helping students make connections between what they are learning, how it relates to their own life and goals, and how it might be useful later on in life, motivation increases and students see the value in what they are learning.

Strategy summary:

Provide  time regularly for students to reflect and write about what they are learning in class and how it connects to their lives or their futures.

How to:

  1. During class, provide time for students to reflect on what they are learning.  Ask questions like:  What are you working on today?  Why?   Can you explain how it connects or could connect to your life?  How could you be asked to use this again later in life?

  2. Read the responses and share some with students.  

  3. Repeat this practice a number of times so students can express their ideas and hear what others have to say.

Commentary:  One teacher from the 8/9 TN used this practice and found kids responded positively and  homework completion went up.

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