My Favorite No

Sort through students' responses to a problem and find favorite wrong answer. Walk students through process of why it was a great mistake to learn from.

Resource: [Video] My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes


This activity from Teaching Channel supports students in developing a growth mindset by normalizing and valuing mistakes as a helpful part of the learning process. 


  1. Have warm up problem on the board when students walk in
  2. Hand out index cards
  3. Have students write answer on the card
  4. Collect and sort the cards 
    1. Say yes/no aloud while sorting
    2. “We have quite a few yeses and some very interesting noes”
    3. “This is my favorite no” – “It showed some good _____(math)”
  5. Analyze good first: “Did some things that I loved” “What am I happy to see?” “What do I like?”
  6. Analyze mistake: “Now what is incorrect?” “Where is the mistake?”
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