How To Use This Course

The materials in this course are intended to be relevant for teachers working with students in grades K-12, however preschool teachers and college professors may also find the materials useful.

An ideal way to engage in this course is to follow the topics with a trusted colleague so that you can hold one another accountable for various steps along the way, discuss and reflect on what was helpful, and identify snags and challenges. If you do not have a trusted colleague with time or energy to complete the course, we have built in accountability milestones via an activities checklist for each topic.

Throughout the course, you will also get to hear from Dr. Greg Walton, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. His research focuses on psychological barriers to success and how "wise" interventions can break down those barriers, with the ultimate goal of increasing equity in the United States. We are thrilled to be able to include his voice and insights throughout the course.

There are multiple elements to this course that occur within each topic. These include:

  • Videos and written text to educate yourself about belonging.
  • Quizzes and interactive activities to quickly test yourself on what you’ve learned.
  • Reflect-and-write activities where you will be asked to think about a particular topic or student and reflect on your thinking in writing. These are interspersed within topics.
  • Classroom activity checklist items, which are activities and best practices for you to try in your classroom.

**The Belonging for Educators course will be fully released over Fall 2016**

We hope you enjoy the course!

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