Course overview: Growth Mindset for Educator Teams

We recognize that for teachers to meaningfully change their practices, they need opportunities to practice new strategies in a supportive environment with other educators. The Growth Mindset for Educator Teams materials are designed to support you in working together with your colleagues to understand the research and how it applies to your specific context. We developed these materials in collaboration with educators to help you deepen your understanding of your own mindset and explore ways you can modify your teaching practices to help your students develop a growth mindset.

In this course you will:

  • Access materials for working together in teams to practice key growth mindset concepts. Professional development activities can be used as stand-alone activities, or you can use our suggested curriculum for a 5-session mindset professional development series with activities, videos, and discussion questions designed to accompany our Growth Mindset topics.
  • Gain insights from other educators who have successfully changed their teaching practices and school culture.
  • Learn how to introduce growth mindset research to other educators so you can form your own learning community.

Though part of the course will involve learning how to teach your students about having a growth mindset, the main learning goal is to help you and your learning team explore how to change you teaching practices and school culture in ways that support students in embracing growth mindset beliefs and behaviors.

Make it your own!

Our goal is to provide you templates to get you started doing growth mindset professional development with your team. We understand that there are many different ways to implement professional development so we encourage you to modify or adapt our suggested implementation plan in whatever way makes sense for your school or learning community. We also encourage you to share what you learn with the larger community by uploading new activities, videos, or curriculums to our Resource Library. You may also want to explore the Resource Library to discover the great resources shared by other educators.

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