Weekly Grade Reflection

This practice helps clarify the grading process for students so they understand how their work is impacting their grade and what they can do to improve it.

Many times, students do not understand grading procedures or how an assignment can influence their grade and learning in a class.  Providing time for students to reflect on their work and make plans to revise can improve their standing in class and their confidence in their ability to learn.

Strategy summary:  

Create a routine for students to set goals and regularly reflect on whether the quality of their work and learning is lining up with their goals.

How to:

At the Beginning of the Semester

Have students set goals for the class. Goals that can be measured and tracked are easiest.

At the Beginning of Each Week

1)  Provide time for students to look at work they have completed from the prior week.  Have them document if the work was completed, if it showed appropriate levels of learning, and if it will impact the overall grade for class.

2)  Have a discussion with students about their work- what they did well, what they struggled with, what needs to be revised and what is incomplete or missing.

3)  Do this each week so students can see that a consistent effort leads to better learning and grades.

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